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Regal Roster Of Ratfellas

 Ratfella  James  Bulger  aka  Whitey

Infamous Irish gangster James  ‘Whitey” Bulger took over as leader of  the Winter Hill Mob  after the gangs head  honcho  Howie Winter  went to the slammer  Whitey also  rose in  rank to  top-notch-rat  in the  Boston underworld.  While  killing and  giving orders as a  crime boss– he  worked  undercover as a snitch for the FBI. Bulger took beady-eyed  aim at  the  Boston Mafia’s  North End gang–and  he helped the Feds  take  them  down             

   Ratfella   Stevie  Flemmi aka “The Rifleman” was a  high caliber power player  in the Boston Underworld.  Flemmi  started out as a  first-rate  killer, and he wound up  second in command  of  the Winter Hill  Mob.  The Rifleman  was also  a  high level  informant  for  the  FBI.  

Flemmi  surreptitiously  squealed  on his close crime cohorts, some  of whom were major mob figures and members of  the  New England   Cosa Nostra   


Ratfella,  Sammy ‘The Bull”  Gravano

In 1991 Sammy  Gravano famously turned state’s evidence  and testified against John  Gotti in exchange for a reduced sentence. John Gotti received a sentence of life imprisonment. Gravano, who confessed to taking part in nineteen murders, was convicted of a token racketeering charge and sentenced to 20 years. As part of Gravano’s cooperation agreement, he would never be forced to testify against his former crew, which included Louis Vallario, Michael DiLeonardo Frank Fappiano, Edward Garafola, Thomas Carbonaro, Joseph DeAngelo and many other career criminals and wiseguys.  

Vincent Flemmi aka “Jimmy The Bear”

Ratfella  Vincent Flemmi aka “Jimmy The Bear” was the  kill-crazy  brother of Stevie”The Rifleman” Flemmi. Just like Stevie, “The Bear”  was  a vicious  genetic degenerate, who  helter-Skelter murdered and raped.  “Jimmy The Bear” teamed up with the Boston Underworlds top  trigger-man, Joe “The Animal” Barboza
  The lethal pair hired out as hit men, plying their trade as enforcers for the Patriarca Crime  Family. Barboza eventually betrayed the mob and he became a government informant– but he remained  loyal to Jimmy Flemmi. Barboza  set up a stooge named “Joe the Horse” Salvati to be a fall-guy-double for Flemmi in a mob murder. 
The Feds at one time had  recruited Flemmi as a snitch– but they quickly realized he was uncontrollable– and  mad-dog murderous– so they severed ties with him.

Nick Calabrese

 .Ratfella,  Nick Calabrese

The FBI was able to flip Nick Calabrese by tying him to the 1986 killing of “Big John” Fecarotta. During the mob hit, Fecarotta struggled with Nick Calabrese, and Nick Calabrese was shot in the arm. Fecarotta ran off but was eventually gunned down. Nick Calabrese left behind a bloody glove that years later investigators tied to him through DNA testing.. .Calabrese  told the FBI more about mob hits than any other witness in Chicago history 


Ratfella  Daniel  ”Danny” Greene aka ”Mr Patrick  ”

Ratfella, Danny  Greene was an Irish American mobster and associate of Cleveland mobster John Nardi during the gang war for the city’s criminal operations during the late 1970s.  Having contact with  union leaders who were under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) brought Greene a visit from the Organized Crime Division.

Much like Whitey Bulger, Greene became a top-echelon confidential informant, quietly passing along information to the FBI but only that which suited his personal needs and nothing that would hurt himself or those he valued. His codename was “Mr. Patrick”, a reflection on his steadfast Irish pride. The name was both the name with which he was confirmed as a child and that of his beloved Irish saint     
“Kill the Irishman” Danny Greene

Phil leonetti

Ratfella   Philip Leonetti

Leonetti testified against several Mafia families, resulting in the convictions of dozens of high-ranking members of the Philadelphia/Atlantic City crime families. His testimony was also used against Gotti in his own trial. Leonetti also confessed to ten murders. Leonetti and other Scarfo family turncoats like Nick Caramandi, Tommy Delgiorno, and Yogi Merlino would permanently damage the Philadelphia mob  

Joe Barboza

Ratfella,  Joseph (The Animal) Barboza   “  Ratfella, Barboza  flipped in 1967,  he  lied to send four men to prison for more than 30 years for a crime they did not commit, and that the FBI knew they did not commit.  He went into Witness Protection Program, was relocated to California where he murdered again. Witnesses sent out to testify for him included Ted Harrington, now a federal judge in Boston.  Barboza was murdered by Boston Mafia capo J.R. Russo in San Francisco in 1976.  . Asked about the miscarriage of justice by a Congressman shortly before his death, crooked FBI agent H. Paul Rico said, “What do you want from me, tears

Angelo Sonny Mercurio, right, in a surveillance photo with Raymond ‘‘Junior’’ Patriarca

Ratfella.  Angelo  “Sonny”  Mecurio
Mecurio was an FBI super snitch. He was recruited as a rat by rodent Stevie  Flemmi. Sonny helped the Feds bug the infamous Patriarca  Mafia induction ceremony. He was also talk-radio-hack Howie Carr’s favorite felon.Carr wrote a sappy salute  to Sonny  when he  kicked-the-bucket.

Frank Salemme

Ratfella, Francis “Cadillac Frank”  Salemme 

In January 1995, Ratfella.  Salemme was indicted on racketeering charges along with Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi. Salemme was convicted and sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. In 1999, while serving his racketeering sentence, Salemme learned that both Bulger and Flemmi were government informants, and that both men had provided information on Salemme to their FBI handlers. Salemme now agreed to provide the government with information on the FBI handling of Bulger and Flemmi. Salemme’s testimony would help convict FBI agent Connolly, the same man who had arrested him 20 years earlier in New York. In 2003, in return for assisting the government, Salemme was released early from prison and brought into the Federal Witness Protection Program. Shortly after his release, Salemme appeared before a Congressional committee to testify on the Connolly case.

 Francis  “Cadillac” Salemme

Ratfella, Anthony  Delmonti
 Delmonti’s ratting helped convict Bonanno high-level member Thomas Marotta.   Once, when sporting a large gold cross — a gift from  Marotta — Delmonti was asked what Jesus would think of him wearing  that piece of jewelry. “I think he’d understand,. Jesus  even had a rat in his crew.” The Ratfellas  undercover work led to the arrest of 50 people . 

Royal  RatFella  Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno

 Fratianno was  a  top notch  killer for the mob for many years . Jimmy took over as Acting Boss of  the Los Angeles Crime Family for Louie Dragna who handed him  the reins .Jimmy  wound up taking  the entire Mob Family down  when he flipped to  FBI  fink. Fratianno  lived  quietly and comfortably for years in Palm Springs. He died a miserable, and dismal, death, demented from Alzheimer’s  

Ratfella, Ken  Gallo  aka “Kenji”

Japanese gangster and porn producer Ken Gallo infiltrated  the Colombo Crime Family operating as  a paid informant. Gallo used porn stars, and a wire, and he took down  tough-as-nails Teddy (Skinny Teddy) Persico, and his ruthless mob associates. Teddy is the nephew of Colombo Family leader Carmine “The Snake” Persico 

Video flipped

 Kenny “Kenji” Gallo MMA fighter 

Ratfella,  Anthony  Rotondo 
 Anthony Rotondo’s father, Vincent, was a captain in the New Jersey-based DeCavalcante family. He  was gunned down as he sat in his car outside his Bath Beach, Brooklyn home. The younger Rotondo, Anthony, assumed his father’s position,  but turned informant in 1999 after nearly the entire hierarchy of the family was arrested,. He claimed he did so in part because of building resentment over his father’s murder. 

Joey Calco aka Joseph Milano

Ratfella , Joey Calco, aka Joseph Milano. a killer for the Bonanno crime family’s infamous Bath Ave. crew, was supposed to be laying low in the federal witness protection program after helping take down the clan’s one-time acting boss.  Instead, he was getting into trouble in Palm Coast, Fla., where he racked up a sex harassment suit and battery arrest while running Goomba’s pizza joint under the name Joseph Milano

.Joey Calco

 Ratfella “Big RonPrevite sits down with Steve Kroft Ron Previte ( left)  
Fat copper-turned-mobster-turned-government mob rat has helped send more than 50 “made” members of the Philly family and  their associates to prison.. Previte didn’t do it to save his own neck. He did it for nearly a million dollars as a paid informant.  


Ratfella William Cutalo Jr. aka “Little Billy”

 William Cutolo Jr. wore a wire for the feds to avenge his father’s death, Colombo family underboss William “Wild Bill” Cutolo Sr. He dubbed his undercover work “Operation Payback” Cutolo Jr. said he considered killing his father’s murderers, but instead opted to help put them in jail.. He is no longer in the witness protection program. Cutolo’s late aunt called him a little pansy for cooperating with the Feds, but he says he savors the sweet payback and has no regrets
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