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Italian police on Wednesday seized assets worth a whopping 44 million euros tied to a Sicilian  mafia  boss  dubbed ” Scarface” currently confined  under house arrest for false registration of  goods and fraudulent bankruptcy

Police seized  20 companies and 30  properties attributable  to William  Alfonso  Cerbo, 34, a powerful mafia  boss who was arrested in April 2014  along with 15 people during operation “Scarface”

Cerbo  emerged as  the  leader   of the Mazzei  mafia family of Palermo  known as  “Carcagnusis”, active in the management of economic and entrepreneurial activities and  traditional mafia  rackets  such as  extortion, illegal gambling, and debt collection

The operation, at the time was  dubbed  “Scarface”  because the young  boss emulated  Tony Montana  from the movie “Scarface” and even  built a throne with  his initials, the same as the one  seen in the film  starring  actor Al Pacino

He also constructed  a  copycat version of  the voluptuous villa with a  pool and palm tree seen in the famous flick