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Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese


Michael Franzese, a former Colombo wiseguy who put down life in the mob, and picked up the bible, says his former pal Al Sharpton hasn’t completely confessed his mafia connected sins, in a Gangland news exclusive

Gangland’s Jerry Capeci writes, Like his former pal Al Sharpton, ex-Colombo crime family capo Michael Franzese is now a man of the cloth, a born-again Christian who spends his days preaching the gospel about how he turned his back on the Mafia’s wicked ways

But Franzese says Sharpton, who has been preaching since his teenage days on the streets of Brooklyn, has yet to truly confess his many sins. “He was a gun for hire, our gun for hire,” recalled Franzese, the college educated wiseguy, writes Jerry Capeci for Gangland news

Gangland’s Jerry Capeci writes, Franzese said that Sharpton often used his influence with black entertainers and others to earn cash payoffs from mobsters and mob-connected firms in legitimate ventures as well as scams.

“He built his reputation on defending the civil rights of blacks, but he would exploit them for money,” said Franzese.

The two were so friendly, the ex-mobster claimed, that the hustling would-be activist used the derogatory “N” word when he agreed to assist Franzese in a union organizing scam,writes Jerry Capeci