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 Albino Folcarelli

You can bet your bottom dollar that Patriarca wisegys wish the two stumblebums that Mafia captain  Anthony “The Saint” St. Laurent  tried to  hire for a hit on suspected snitch and fellow mob member Bobby DeLuca was carried out. Read why on WPRI

By Tim White, Target 12 Investigator

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Court documents filed in the sweeping mob case against the reputed former boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio and others is shedding more light on the “made member” of the crime family that worked with the FBI.

According to documents filed by the defense team for accused mob associate Albino Folcarelli, the man federal investigators used to wear a hidden microphone has the initials “RD.”

The revelation is fueling the speculation that Robert “Bobby” DeLuca, a high-ranking member of the Patriacra Crime family, worked with law enforcement. DeLuca has not been seen in Rhode Island for months.

A spokesperson for the Rhode Island U.S. Attorney’s Office declined comment.

The motion is asking the courts to remove three secretly recorded conversations between reputed capo regime Edward “Eddy” Lato and the cooperating witnesses “RD.” 

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