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Italian police  on Wednesday captured a Camorra fugitive north of Naples, wanted for a gangland murder and drug trafficking

Roberto Rosica, 21, a  reputed  gangland  gunman  in the Camorra clan Amato-Pagano, was  tracked down and  captured  in an apartment in the company of his family. He was wanted for the murder of mob rival Fortunato Scognamiglio in 2012

Rosica had escaped arrest in a police raid in June,aimed at 13  members of  the Amato-Pagano mob , accused of multiple  mafia connected crimes, including  murder, drug trafficking and Mafia association

The raid was part of a probe focusing  on a feud  for control over drug turf  between clan  Amato-Pagano aka ”Scissionisti” ” and clan Di Lauro, that resulted in the deaths of about 70 people

Rosica’s capture  follows  the capture of  fellow fugitive  and mob mate , Michele Caiazza