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76 year old mafia wife Giuseppa Giampaolo

Reggio Calabria, 16 July (AKI) – The arrest of  a  ‘Ndrangheta boss’s  wife Monday shows the operational  role that women are playing in the criminal organisation, according to the acting chief prosecutor in Reggio Calabria

This once again confirms the role women are having operationally and in handing down cultural models and disvalues,” said Ottavio Sferlazza.

 According to investigators, Giuseppa Giampaolo was involved in running the Pelle di San Luca clan’s affairs after the arrest of her husband Antonio Pelle in June, 2009 and previously helped him hide from police while he was on the run.

 Giamapaolo was among 26 mafia suspects arrested on Monday  in Reggio Calabria and in the northern Piedmont region and has been granted house arrest.

Also arrested in Monday’s operation were family members Domenico Pelle, Sebastiano Pelle and Giuseppe Pelle – whose home was a regular meeting-point for Calabrian mafia suspects, investigators said.  read the rest  as reported by