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Italian police on Friday arrested seven suspected Sicilian mafiosi in the city of Agrigento for various  Mafia  connected crimes, reports  Ansa News

Police dragged away in handcuffs, seven alleged bosses and street soldiers of the Mafia  family of Cosa Nostra based in the Sicilian  city of Agrigento

Police said the operation was a continuation of  a “scorched earth” strategy  started in 2010 targeting the trapping of  elusive head of the Sicilian Mafia, Matteo Messina Denaro

According to investigators, the suspects were supposedly part of a support network for the fugitive Cosa Nostra chief,  and  held mafia meetings in the fields, walking while talking, trying  to evade surveillance devices.

The suspects also  communicated through  a method used by old-school Mafiosi, passing along  messages  written on  small pieces of paper called ”Pizzini”