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Agents of the Guardia di Finanza confiscated assets of 12 members of the Sicilian mafia cosa nostra  clan of  Santa Maria di Gesu’ who were arrested in Operazione” Paesan Blue   in 2010.  

 The men were  charged with mafia association, extortion, drug trafficking, attempted homicide, and other crimes arising from their affiliation with Santa Maria di Gesù who had re-established the Palermitan clan’s contacts in the U.S.Gambino and Colombo crime Families

  Gambino mobster Tommy Napoli  provided protection in the American rackets for  Sicilian cosa nostra associate Roberto Settineri .

The assets are worth a total of 5.3 mln Euros and include, among other things, a telecom shop used to supply members with telephone cards fictitiously held by foreigners and several sheds hosting summits between Mafia bosses  Read AGi Story