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During dawn on Tuesday, Italian police struck a big  blow against a criminal clan connected to the   ‘Ndrangheta  mafia, and seized assets amounting to approximately 11 million euros

Among the assets seized  were warehouses, popular beach property , several hotels, expensive apartments, and businesses, including a bar , cars, motorcycles, and bank accounts, tied to the woman boss of the Serpa  clan of   Paola, an  arm of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia

Investigators  say the assets are attributable directly or indirectly to  Nella Serpa ,a woman mob boss,  who was already arrested in 2012  as part of a police operation called“Canvas spider”,  for  mafia association, attempted murder, murder, extortion, and illegal possession of firearms

An investigation into the assets shed light on the measly income declared and the sky-high increase in equity recorded for two  decades  by the lady leader and her family  , who allegedly acquired the assets  with the  proceeds of illegal activities