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Gangland figure: Andrew Veniamin’s grave has been shot at. Source: Herald Sun

DEAD gangland hitman Andrew “Benji” Veniamin’s headstone has been peppered with shotgun blasts.

The grave, which is among Keilor Cemetery’s most extravagant, was damaged.

Friends of the dead mobster, who is buried near his former boss Carl Williams, are said to be furious.

“I’m pretty sure you can use your imagination,” one friend told the Herald Sun.

“It’s a dog act.”

Roberta Williams, who placed a single white rose on Veniamin’s grave after the burial of Carl Williams last week, declined to comment.

Three blast marks are clearly visible on the grave, with one blast taking a large chunk of granite off the headstone. A ballistics expert said the shooter probably fired from 5-10m.

“It looks like three separate shots, one to the 03, one to the BE in Benji and the other one has taken a chip out of the stone,” he said.

“The pellets would bounce off but by the time they did they’ve lost a lot of energy. It would have made a hell of a bloody noise.”

A Keilor Cemetery spokeswoman said the attack happened 18 months ago and could not offer further details.

The memorial has attracted a steady stream of visitors since Veniamin was shot dead by Mick Gatto in 2004.

Gatto was acquitted of his murder on the ground of self-defence.