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Toby Mitchell ,  Melbourne  gangland  enforcer

VICTORIAN police believe the bikie recovering from a failed assassination attempt in Melbourne is connected to a “very significant” organised crime group operating in the illicit drugs market.

The armed organized crime taskforce is investigating the gangland links of  Bandidos Motorcycle Club enforcer and former kick boxer Toby Mitchell as it searches for two men responsible for Monday’s botched shooting in Brunswick, north of the city.

Mr Mitchell was last night under police guard at the Royal Melbourne Hospital after being shot three times by two attackers, each armed with a high-calibre semi-automatic pistol. He is in a stable condition and has refused to answer police questions.

Detective Superintendent Brett Guerin said the “spectacularly unsuccessful” hit was more likely a product of Mr Mitchell’s involvement in organised crime than his role as sergeant-in-arms with the Bandidos. read the rest   Click here: Detectives link shot bikie Toby Mitchell to drug trade | The Australian

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