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By Paul Cherry, Gazette

Two trials involving 51 men alleged to be members of the Hells Angels, or associates of the biker gang, saw their trials on multiple murder charges officially begin Friday.

The words “not guilty” were repeated often at the Gouin courthouse as 50 of the accused entered their pleas to many charges including one count of conspiracy to commit murder as well as 22 first-degree murder charges. One of the accused could not attend the hearing because he is currently being treated for stomach cancer.

Not all of the accused are charged with the murders, which occurred within the context of a conflict over drug trafficking turf between the Hells Angels and other organized crime groups. The prosecution’s theory is the gang voted in favour of the war and contributed to it being carried out, roughly between 1994 and 2002. The 51 accused are expected to be tried in two separate trials and are split based on which chapters – Sherbrooke and Quebec City – they are allegedly affiliated with.  

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