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Some early gangsters standing in a line-up await visitors near the entrance to the new Mob Museum in Las Vegas. (Eric JamisonStudio J Inc, Handout)

The new Las Vegas Mob Museum shares the limelight with old G-men and other coppers who contributed to the fight against organized crime. The Mob Museum highlights heroic figure  Lt. Giuseppe “Joe” Petrosino who was gunned down dead in Italy while battling the “black hand” mafia in New York.  read the story by Jay Jones, Special to Tribune Newspapers

 LAS VEGAS — Sin City’s latest visitor attraction may be known by the moniker The Mob Museum, but as its lengthy (but accurate) full name — the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement — implies, the place is about more than just the gangsters who once ran the Vegas casinos and nefarious businesses in other large cities too.

As a visitor picks up a mock Tommy gun and begins to “fire” with the heft and noise of a real machine gun, it’s a lawman doing the shooting, to bring down a bad guy. For some of the mobsters who escaped the G-man’s hail of bullets, justice came in the form of an electric chair. There’s one of those on display at the venue. read more  Here