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An international drug traffick channel has been cut off by the Bulgarian police. Photo by Sofia Photo Agency

The Bulgarian police have detained four people during a police operation targeting an international drug traffic channel.

The operation was conducted in the period September 9-16 and included police officers from the Drugs department at the Unit for Combating Mafia Organized Crime (GDBOP), their colleagues from the Bulgarian town of Haskovo, border officers and customs officers.

The operation has detected an international heroin traffic channel, which used Bulgarian citizens as mules. The drugs have been passing from Turkey through Bulgaria to Italy.

Two Bulgarian citizens, aged 29 and 24, have been arrested at the border checkpoints at Kapitan Andreevo and Kulata during an attempt to carry about 1,5 kg of heroine, hidden in sport shoes.

After additional investigation, the police in Sofia have arrested a 52-year-old Nigerian citizen, who had been permanently living in Bulgaria and who was the alleged crime ring leader. A 31-year-old man, thought to be his accomplice, has also been arrested.

Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the Bulgarian town of Haskovo and the city of Blagoevgrad. The police is continuing the investigation on the case