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Boston FBI informant, Mark Rossetti

Michele McPhee for WCVB writes about the mob murder of  Michael Romano Jr. whose father   jailed  Boston mobster Michael Romano Sr told Team 5,  could have been prevented if the Feds  did not turn a blind eye to the actions of one of its paid informants,Mark Rossetti, a patriarca crime family street boss.   read the story

BOSTON — Michael Romano was 20 years old, a newlywed with a daughter at home and a baby on the way when he was shot in the face fixing a flat tire in Everett on Sept. 1, 1994. Romano’s murder has never been solved – but his father, Michael Romano Sr. — told Team 5 that it could have been prevented if the FBI did not turn a blind eye to the actions of one of its paid informants, Mark Rossetti

Rossetti was a paid informant on par with Whitey Bulger. And both men stand accused of involvement in bloody mob wars, gangland blood-lettings that left dozens dead – including Michael Romano Jr.

“The FBI protected a gang of known killers,’’ Romano said in an interview from Coleman Correction Facility in Florida, where he is serving 21 years for conspiracy to commit murder.