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 Police informer  Gary Westerman

NEW YORK —   Massachusetts  State Police Capt. Peter Higgins testified at the mob trial of mafia made man Emilio Fusco –about police informer  Gary Westerman–who gave him the lay of  the gangland in Springfied,MA and told him that Anthony”Bingy” Arillotta was making moves on the street to  have Genovese mob boss  Big Al Bruno removed or whacked  read the story  By

Stephanie Barry, The Republican

 NEW YORK — When Gary Westerman could not manage to stay out of jail in the 1980s and ’90s, he looked to the Massachusetts State Police as insurance

Massachusetts State Police Capt. Peter Higgins on Tuesday told jurors in an ongoing murder trial in Manhattan that Westerman, after being released in 1996 after a 10-year stay in state prison for drug trafficking, stopped Higgins while Higgins was jogging on his lunch hour to discuss becoming an informant. read more  Here