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Jimmy “Whitey”  Bulger, Mobster  and  Boston  FBI Informant

Matt Connolly , Patriot ledger

In 1988 – I place the time then because it was in that year that the Boston Globe came out with the Spotlight Team article on the Bulger brothers – I received a call from Kevin Cullen a Globe columnist.  I’d talked to Kevin on occasion over the years.  

This time he wanted to know if I thought Whitey Bulger was an FBI informant.  Without hesitation I said no. 

He didn’t offer any reason for asking.  I forget if I explained why I did not believe it.  But had I, my answer would have been simply that it is law enforcement 1.01 that you don’t have a person who is the leader of a criminal enterprise and who is believed to be a cold vicious killer as in informant. read rest  Here