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It was a family reunion in U.S. District Court today featuring former Senate president William “Billy” Bulger waving to his mobster brother James “Whitey” Bulger at his arraignment and mouthing hello.


Galpal Catherine Greig also smiled at her twin sister at her arraignment after Bulger and raised her eyebrows as she was being taken out of court. “It was wonderful to see her,” Margaret McCusker told the Herald inside court.

Billy Bulger said outside court that seeing his big brother in handcuffs after 16 years on the run “an unusual experience.” Asked to explain further, Billy Bulger stammered and added “I have to think about it.”

Both Whitey Bulger and Greig are being held without bail with bail hearings to be held at a later date. Prosecutors did argue to the court that both can afford their own defense and that Bulger’s family can help in his defense.

Bulger and Greig arrived at Logan International Airport in a government Gulfstream jet around 3 o’clock this afternoon. Now all eyes turn to the courtroom. Where Whitey arrived before 4 p.m.

Crowds pushed to get inside courtroom #10 in a raucous scene. Billy Bulger was sitting in court with his arms crossed looking ill at ease.

Whitey arrived with large convoy of SUVs filled with state police. He was flown in on an executive jet from Los Angeles.

Bulger, 81, after 16 years on the lam, will be answering to indictments of murder, racketeering and money laundering outstanding since 1994 and 1999, while a 1997 charge of harboring a federal fugitive awaits Greig, 60, a former dental hygienist.

Chief Judge Mark L. Wolf’s courtroom is now open. Bulger is expected to be addressed by two separate magistrate judges: Leo Sorokin and Marianne Bowler. When his business is finished, Greig will be called before Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boal, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

It is still unclear when Bulger will be brought to justice in other states.

In 1981, an executive at Miami Jai-Alai, John Callahan, went to Bulger’s Winter Hill gang to take out the owner, Roger Wheeler, after a failed business dealing. Wheeler was shot to death in 1981 by Johnny Martorano

Afterward, Boston FBI man John Connolly Jr. tipped off Bulger that Callahan was going to implicate him in the murder. Callahan was gunned down a year later, his body found at Miami International Airport.

“James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s criminal activities have been marked by the corpses his killers and associates have left behind in car trunks and alleyways,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle said in a statement. “After a 16-year delay, I will be working to ensure that a Miami jury has the opportunity to look him in the eyes and determine his fate just as we did with his associate, ex-FBI agent John J. Connolly, Jr.”

But feds in Boston will have the first crack at Bulger where he’ll be hit with an indictment said to be hundreds of pages deep for his reign of terror in Southie

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