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Italian police on Friday arrested six mafia  suspects for extortion, and aiding and abetting a Camorra capo while he was on the run from a murder rap

The  suspects, family and relatives  of Giovanni Vitale,  a fugitive  Camorra capo , allegedly made vicious mafia-type  threats  to a  liquidator for the Road Victims Guarantee Fund in Naples and forced him to sign a receipt of payment for 12 thousand euros

According to the victim, some of the suspects said ”We belong to the Alliance of Secondigliano, a cartel of Camorra clans )  and kill children in their cradles”, ​​and made specific references to his wife and children

The six are accused of extorting victims to support Vitale while he was a fugitive before he was  arrested by police in 2012, for his alleged  role in  a  mob hit on the wrong man, Pasquale Romano,  who was an innocent victim, caught in the middle of a deadly  Camorra mafia war in  Scampia,  a  neighborhood of  Naples