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Police in the port of  Pozzallo captured a cunning Camorra crime boss as he boarded a hydrofoil to escape to the island of Malta, said Sicilian authorities , reports Ansa News

Military police  camouflaged  in civilian clothes captured  Aldo Gionta,42 , a capo, who called the shots in the Camorra clan Gionta of Torre Annunziata,   allies of  the  Sicilian  Cosa Nostra in Palermo

Gionta was wanted since last june by anti-mafia authorities in Naples for mafia association, he escaped a police raid that resulted in the arrest of 10 members of his mob.

Prosecutors  claim the cagey  capo is a master of disguises who wore wigs and glasses , and even disguised himself as a woman  to escape arrest

Aldo Gionta is the son of  super boss Valentino Gionta ,  finding father of the clan, currently  incarcerated in a high- security prison