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A special squad of  Italian police on Friday arrested  nine  suspected members of the Bidognetti clan of the  Camorra mafia  for running a rapacious extortion racket, reports Ansa news

A  probe by prosecutors and  police  shed light  on an extortion racket run by a new  rising   faction  of  the  Bidognetti   clan of the Camorra  that demanded  protection payments called’ pizzo  from bar owners, drug dealers,  and other victims,  in the  Domitian coast, close to Castel Volturno

The probe, through wiretaps  and  environmental audit,  established  that the Bidognetti  faction of  the Casalesi clan had decided to use their newly minted  mafia muscle  for collecting juice loans, gambling debts,  and shaking down shopkeepers in the region of  Caserta