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reputed Philly Cosa Nostra boss, Joe Ligambi

reputed Philly Cosa Nostra boss, Joe Ligambi

By George Anastasia

The bottom line is that the Philadelphia  mob has always been a bottom-line kind of outfit.
So if mob boss Joe Ligambi or any of his associates had information about the art work  stolen from a Boston museum 23 years ago, they would have cashed that info in for the $5 million reward.
That, at least, is the view of Robert Wittman, a retired FBI agent who specialized in art theft and who spent the bulk of his career working out of the FBI’s Philadelphia office.
“I sat next to the organized crime squad guys,” Wittman said in a telephone from his suburban Philadelphia office this week. “If they had heard anything, I would have known about it. We didn’t hear a thing.”The FBI in Boston announced last week that it now knew who was behind the infamous art heist at the Isabella Stewart GardnerMuseum back in 1990. But authorities did not disclose the names of the suspects

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