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Crime figures

The details of drug traffickers, fraudsters and money launderers are to be released online to encourage the public to monitor them and prevent them reoffending.
More than 20 ‘career criminals’ will be identified on the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) website in a controversial new move to keep tabs on their activtities.

The plan, which will see more than 100 criminals listed this year, will help the public keep an eye on them and report any signs of acquired wealth or living beyond their means.

A Soca spokesman said: “If you are suspicious of any activity that the criminals are engaged in then you can contact local police or anonymously call Crimestoppers.”

One of those to be named is 55-year-old Silvano Turchet.

He was claiming unemployment benefit when he was arrested, yet he owned an extensive property portfolio, several luxury cars and a light aircraft through his involvement in drugs and money laundering.

“If we think you pose a continued threat from prison or upon release, you will go on our books and stay on our books until you are no longer a threat,” Ken Pandolfi, head of Centurion, Soca’s career criminal monitoring programme, told The Times.

“That could mean you are on our radar for decades and decades.”

The decision to “name and shame” criminals for past actions even though they have already been punished using the correct channels is sure to upset civil liberties campaigners.

But Soca has defended its approach stating that a criminal has to have three types of lifetime offender orders before he or she is identified online.

Those named will already be subject to orders requiring them to give regular updates on their financial details and business interests and adhere to strict travel limitations