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Al Pacino, Penelope Ann Miller and Sean Penn in Carlito’s Way (1993-R)
© Universal Pictures

by George Anastasia, Glen Macnow

Brian De Palma was worried about doing another Hispanic drug kingpin movie after Scarface. But the story and the acting in Carlito’s Way go in such a different direction that there ended up being few similarities between the two films. This is a personal look at one man’s attempt at redemption. Scarface, on the other hand, is a saga about one man’s one-way trip to hell.

Carlito’s Way and Scarface do share a couple of important things. They both succeed at what they are trying to do and have Al Pacino as the primary reason to thank for it.

While Carlito’s Way was not a box office smash, Pacino’s portrayal of the title character, Carlito “Charlie” Brigante, is in many ways stronger, and certainly more simpatico, than his portrayal of Scarface’s Tony Montana a decade earlier.

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