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Vincent Alo alias Jimmy Blue Eyes

Relatives of Genovese Crime Family Boss, Jimmy Blue Eyes  Alo . and mob associate  Meyer Lansky,  spill  family secrets about growing up with legendary gangsters and  expose the softer side of the Mobster tough guys  read the story


Uncle Jim was Vincent “Jimmy Blue Eyes” Alo, right-hand man to Miami Beach mob boss Meyer Lansky. The men met in 1929, the same year that Jimmy met Flo. They co-operated casinos in Cuba, Las Vegas and South Florida.

The couple, who had no children, were like second parents to Cortland Russo, whose mother was Flo’s sister.  read more   Click here: Mob memories are personal for two women related to gangsters – Sacramento Living – Sacramento Food and Wine, Home,

The Tropicana’s Mob Experience is part of an overall, $200 million hotel renovation by the South Florida-based Nikki Beach Club entertainment group.

What you get for $39.95 and about an hour at the Mob Experience is a chance to role-play actual wiseguys, also Mafia-flick actors like James Caan and Mickey Rourke as holographic narrators, and an impressive collection of memorabilia, in a 26,000-square-foot display.