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Italian police in the  town of  Casal di Principe on Tuesday carried out  raids  targeting  46 suspected members of a Camorra  driven online gambling racket, reports Ansa News

Squads  of police officers  carried out  arrests in the provinces of Caserta, Naples, Benevento, Viterbo, Parma, Cosenza and Catanzaro

The suspects,  alleged  members of  the  Schiavone faction of the Casalesi clan,  supposedly managed  an online gambling racket, extorting 60% of proceeds from local retailers using typical mafia threats of violence

The alleged ringleaders include jailed Camorra boss Francesco Schiavone (aka Sandokan), and his son Walter Schiavone, who is accused of heading the clan after his father was jailed

The suspects face charges including Mafia association, possession of stolen goods, extortion, illicit competition through threats and violence, fictitious registration of assets, possession and trafficking of drugs and weapons.