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Family in Colombo Crime Family of  La Cosa Nostra  who ruled over the union representing workers on all major New York construction projects


Hey, yo! I ain’t no mobster.

Ralph Scopo, an ousted cement-workers union official whose dad and grandfather were full-fledged gangsters under the command of  top  Colombo boss  Carmine (Junior) Persico,  swears he’s not in that family — and is suing his former bosses for lumping him in with his criminal kin.

Ralph Scopo charged he was stripped of his position in Concrete Workers Local 6A by a “kangaroo court” because he shares the family name with his grandfather, Ralph “Little Ralphie” Scopo, who died in prison while serving a 100-year sentence, and his father, Ralph Scopo Jr., another Colombo “made member”.

“Not only have I never engaged in criminal activity, but the FBI has confirmed that on more than one occasion,” he said yesterday.  read full story  Click here: Mob son says he’s not in the ‘family.’ –