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Squads  of Italian Police  on Tuesday conducted a  raid  that resulted  in the arrest  of  10 alleged members of  the Mafia in Palermo, for a cluster of  crimes,  including the violent extortion of    Bangladeshi merchants

Those  arrested  are alledly  members of  the ” new  generation’ of Cosa Nostra  based in Palermo,  a dangerous armed  group of gangsters  who allegedly  ran  a rapacious  extortion racket  that targeted Bangladeshi  traders in the historic  Ballarò  market in Palermo

According to police, for months  the  gang  repeatedly robbed and  shook down Bangladeshi merchants for  protection money, and constantly terrorized the traders with vicious acts of violence, including  the  attempted  murder of  one   merchant who rebelled and refused to  pay the  gang

The suspects are charged with   extortion  by  mafia method,  , attempted murder,, fire, robbery, and  racial discrimination