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James “Jimmy Mac” McElroy

One of the last living members of Manhattan’s murderous Westies gang bossed by infamous Irish mob killers Jimmy Coonan, and Mickey Featherstone, has died in a California prison.

James “Jimmy Mac” McElroy was serving a 60-year sentence for racketeering in federal lockup when he died last week, sources said.

A funeral service is scheduled at the Church of the Holy Cross — near the gang’s former Hell’s Kitchen stomping grounds — this morning.

McElroy, 60, was best known as the star witness for the Manhattan district attorney in one of the many failed prosecutions against Gambino boss John “Teflon Don” Gotti.

The thug took center stage at Gotti’s 1990 trial for allegedly ordering a hit on a union official, testifying that the Westies boss had asked him to take the man out at Gotti’s behest.

“Jimmy [Coonan] said they wanted someone whacked,” McElroy testified, explaining that when he asked who “they” was, Coonan said, “John Gotti.”

The hit wasn’t a success: McElroy and three other Westies shot union official John O’Connor four times in the buttocks and legs, but O’Connor survived and was a defense witness for Gotti, who beat the rap.

McElroy remained behind bars on his 1986 racketeering conviction.