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Two gunmen who broke into the home of the brother of a Glasgow gangster and shot him five times have been jailed for a total of 23 years.

Eddie Boyd’s terrified partner and seven-year-old daughter were also in his Pollok home at the time of the attempted execution.

The bullets left Mr Boyd, 48, with a severed spine and other serious injuries. He will never walk again, a court heard. The family dog was also shot after barking at the would-be assassins.

Mr Boyd’s brother, Stewart “Specky” Boyd was a notorious figure in Glasgow’s underworld. He died in a road crash in Spain in 2003 while under investigation for an alleged major drug trafficking operation.

Police experts called to the house in Haughburn Road last September found that 11 shots had been fired during Mr Boyd’s struggle with his attackers. The weapons used were a 9mm pistol and a .32 calibre handgun, fitted with silencers.

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