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Michael (Large guy) Sarno

Steve Warmbir for  Sun-Times writes about the Michael Sarno racketeering trial  and how the feds tried to establish  (large guy) Sarno as a bona fide boss in the Chicago mob -and they called a double-tough drug dealer to the stand to prove Sarno was someone that he even feared.

Big-time drug dealer Enrique “Henry” Rendon didn’t worry about the Colombian or Mexican drug cartel members he dealt with, but reputed Cicero mob boss Michael “The Big Guy” Sarno did concern him, Rendon testified Wednesday in Sarno’s trial.

Rendon had borrowed $15,000 from Sarno, and Sarno didn’t need to threaten him face-to-face to encourage him to pay it back.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Donovan asked why Sarno didn’t have to menace him.

“Because of who he is,” Rendon said.

When an associate of Sarno’s heard Sarno’s video poker machines were being removed from Rendon’s bar, the associate told Rendon: “The Big Guy is going to be p—–,” Rendon testified.

Sarno’s attorney, Terry Gillespie, lashed out at Rendon, noting he didn’t seem too scared of Sarno when he moved Sarno’s video poker machines out in favor of a competitor’s machines. Gillespie also elicited through questioning that Rendon didn’t get out of town or move from his home when he supposedly stiffed Sarno on part of the loan. To read More  Click here: Drug dealer feared Sarno :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime