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Members of the anti-mafia ‘addiopizzo’ committee celebrate after the arrest of mafia boss Giovanni Nicchi in December, 2009 in Palermo. Addiopizzo tourism is an emerging trend in ethical travel. (Marcelo Paternostro/AFP/Getty Images

PALERMO, Italy — In pop culture, the Italian mafia may enjoy an image romanticized by the Sopranos, the Godfather and tabloid coverage of dapper dons. Dealing with organized crime in the real world, however, is as much fun as living down the street from the Crips and Bloods.

In Italy, groups like Sicily’s Cosa Nostra are destructive as well as economically vexing. Mob operatives routinely extort protection money from businesses, intimidating and inflicting violence on those that don’t cooperate. read more  Click here: Italy: fighting the mafia through tourism | GlobalPost