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A U.S. court is expected to approve the plea bargain accepted  by reputed  Israeli Mafia  boss Yitzhak Abergil  in which he will agree to  being an accomplice  in murder, trafficking in ecstasy, money laundering and extortion, and will be sentenced for ten years in the slammer

Abergil and his brother Meir were extradited to the U.S. in 2011 after a six-year long police investigation

 reports   Tomer Zarchin for Haaretz 

Israeli Mob boss Itzhak Abergil  was charged in 2008 in a 77-page grand jury indictment alleging that he and other members and associates of the Abergil Crime Family   were involved a criminal  conspiracy to import the drug Ecstasy into the US reports the  Los Angeles Times