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A   reputed  mob associate from South Florida,  bone tired from 17 years on the run from a  racketeering indictment and getting whacked by the  New Jersey Mafia  surrendered to the Feds through his lawyer

Paul Salvatore Sanzaro, a 79 year-old, was arrested  in a FBI roundup of 21 reputed organized crime members and their alleged associates named in a federal racketeering indictment that involved  Gaetano`Corky` Vastola, a  powerhouse  capo in the New Jersey  DeCavalcante crime Family

The Feds met with Sanzaro in 1995  and told him there was a mob contract out on his life, he left his family behind and went on the run . Read as  reported  By Paula McMahon, Sun Sentinel 

This  is ironic in a way,  John Gotti was caught on tape planning Corky Vestola’s murder, fearing he would become a rat  someday  reported on True TV