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Tag Archives: FBI Stings Real Soprano In Murder Plot And Smokes Victim For Selling Untaxed Cigarettes


Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

Last week, it became very clear that it was time to pull the plug on an FBI agent’s sting against the DeCavalcante crime family. The G-man had infiltrated the New Jersey borghata that fancies itself as the model for The Sopranos for three years.

Mr. Capeci writes, He had nailed ten mobsters and associates for a bunch of crimes. And he had captured his main target, capo Charles (Charlie The Hat) Stango, ordering the killing of a rival mobster on tape, several times.

The point of no return came Monday, March 9, when Stango asked the agent about the status of the hit he had first ordered three months earlier. The inquiry was voiced, authorities claimed, in “previously set code.”

The agent’s reply was that the hit team “should be comin’ in a couple hours,” according to an arrest complaint charging Charlie The Hat and two cohorts with murder conspiracy.

Mr. Capeci writes, he only wrinkle was how to deal with Stango’s hated rival. He had to be told about the plot: That’s FBI policy.But sources say the G-man, described in the complaint as “the UC,” had also caught rival wiseguy Luigi (Dog) Oliveri in his own illegal activity.

The bureau’s solution was to warn Oliveri about the murder plot, and charge him in a separate complaint with selling bootleg cigarettes to the UC. writes Mr. Capeci for Gang Land News