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Reputed Genovese family wiseguy James Bernardone (right) was photographed by the FBI as he talked to reputed Genovese associate James Coumoutsos outside of a funeral home where a mob wake was being held. Prosecutors argued this was a violation of Bernardone’s $750,000 bail agreement. A judge scolded him, but did not revoke the bail. Bernardone is awaiting trial on a racketeering rap.


By John Marzulli, New York Daily News

A reputed GENOVESE gangster indicted for racketeering was caught dead to rights in violation of his $750,000 bail — he was photographed hanging out at a Bronx funeral home packed with mobsters, authorities said.

But a judge gave the alleged wiseguy an earful, only to let the bail agreement stand.

Camera-toting FBI agents snapped photos of James Bernardone at a wake last March that was a Mafia who’s who and was attended by more than two dozen members of the Genovese and Luchese crime families, including Luchese underboss Steven Crea, authorities said

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