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'Ndrangheta: infiltrazioni in E-R, aggrediti patrimoni

Five members of the Casalesi clan of the  Camorra mafia, all of whom are already in prison, were  charged in connection with the 1989 kidnapping and murder of a young mob rival, said Italian authorities  on Tuesday, reports Ansa News

The 1989 cold case heated up again  after new evidence  emerged about the suspects in the disappearance of 21-year-old Paolo Letizia, who was tortured, strangled, and crushed by a tractor twenty five years ago in a mafia turf war that erupted after the killing of Antonio Bardellino, one of the founders of the Casalesi clan

The five strong suspects are, Francesco Bidognetti , Francesco Schiavone (cousin of the same name of the captured Casalesi clan leader), Walter Schiavone, Giuseppe Russo and Salvatore Cantiello. The first three are considered the masterminds, the other two killers

Prosecutors claim the  cold case was solved thanks to  statements supplied by numerous collaborators of justice , including  newly minted mob rat Antonio Iovine, , ex-super boss of the Casalesi clan