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Pete  the Greek Diapoulas  was  Mobster, Joey Gallo’s  bodyguard . . Pete  was sitting  with “Crazy  Joey” when  he was shot to shreds in Umberto’s Clam House.    Years later  the Greek was  doing a show  with Mafia Mobster’s , Jimmy Fratianno ,and Anthony  Fiato.  . While sitting  in the green room,  Pete  had Fratianno and Fiato  busting-a-gut  with a Gallo Gang story  .. Seems.the gang was  shaking  down a  restaurant  up  in  the Bronx, and  the stubborn owner wouldn’t  play ball with  the bad  guys  from Brooklyn..”Crazy Joey” had the Greek  get a  dozen  hamsters and  dye  them all  black so they looked  like rats.. Gallo sent  three  gang members into  the joint  during  the dinner  hour and turned the so-called rats loose in  the place.   Women screamed, and  jumped  up on  the tables  , waiters  dropped their  trays,  others chocked on  their  food, the  place was a mad house. .The next  day  the hump  paid Joey  to  get  rid  of  his rat  problem.. .. When  the  Greek left  to  take a leak , Fratianno  said  to Fiato, ” anyone  who  hires  this  fuck’en bum  for a bodyguard , ‘is committing  suicide.”..  
Another true Hollywood Story.