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Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes, 

More than five years later, Mob Wives, that offbeat, occasionally raunchy, so-called cable TV reality show featuring much on-air yelling and screaming by mob-connected women with big hair and big mouths, still packs a powerful punch – literally.

Mr Capeci writes, The FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating an allegation that Gambino associate Albert (Albee) Crisci was beaten nearly to death at a New Jersey federal prison last month by mob-connected fellow inmates after rumors spread that Crisci’s wife had accepted a role in the upcoming Season Six of Mob Wives.

Mr. Capeci writes,  Sources tell Gang Land that authorities suspect that Crisci was attacked by mobsters who believed that Danielle Crisci, who is separated from the imprisoned 41-year-old gangster, was one of two new women who were added to the cast for the coming season.

Crisci suffered severe, life-threatening injuries in a brutal assault that took place in a prison recreation area at the Fairton, N.J. federal prison on July 14.  Gang Land News