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Tag Archives: gangland execution

1947 – ‘Bugsy’ Siegel slain
New York gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, 42, who after his move to Hollywood  California was accused of being the West Coast brains of Brooklyn’s notorious “Murder, Inc.,” was slain at the home of his mistress in Beverly Hills. Siegel was hit by four of five bullets that a neighbor said were fired so rapidly it sounded like a machine gun. Siegel was part owner of the Flamingo casino in Las Vegas.

1975 – Chicago gangster killed
Crime syndicate chieftain Sam Giancana, 65, who had been linked to CIA plots to kill Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, was killed in his Oak Park, Ill., home in what police said did not appear to be a gangland execution – but something personal. Giancana, a driver for Chicago gangster Al Capone in the 1920s, was classified 4-F for the World War II draft because of his answer to a question about what he did for a living: “I steal.”

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