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Vinny Asaro

Newspapers and magazines have printed countless articles about it. Several books were written about it. They even made a movie about it. But 36 years later, the FBI finally arrested a mobster in the storied $6 million Lufthansa Airlines Heist. It’s no contest, writes Gangland’s Jerry Capeci

The number one mob story of 2014 is the surprise indictment of Bonanno capo Vincent Asaro for taking part in the December 11, 1978 robbery, writes Mr.Capeci

Sources say Asaro, who is slated to go to trial this summer, was done in by Gaspare (Gary) Valenti, a cousin and longtime mob underling. Valenti, 67, also implicated Asaro and Lufthansa heist mastermind James (Jimmy The Gent) Burke in a 1969 murder of a cohort who fell out of favor with the volatile Luchese gangster, according to court papers, writes Mr. Capeci for Gangland news

Until his arrest last January 23rd, Asaro, 79, had never been identified by any law enforcement official as a suspect in the memorable heist.

But FBI agents Adam Mininni and Robert Ypelaar charged him with being an active participant in the daring pre-dawn robbery that is still the biggest heist in New York history, writes Mr. Capeci