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Police say organized crime head Thomas Gisby was shot dead in Mexico on Friday. April 29, 2012. (CTV)

Mounties warn the slaying  of B.C. gangster boss  Thomas Gisby in Mexico on Friday may cause a spike in gangland activity and revenge shootings

It’s believed Gisby is linked to the Dhak Group, a gang that’s been targeted since  Jonathan Bacon   of the Red Scorpions was gunned down in Kelowna last year. Police say Gisby was an organized crime target. They are investigating whether the high-ranking gangster was the victim of a Mexican cartel 

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Slain B.C. resident Tom Gisby left for Mexico in late January after learning he might be targeted in retaliation for the August shooting in Kelowna, B.C., that left gangster Jonathan Bacon dead, the Vancouver Sunhas learned

reports  National  Post