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Gaspare Spatuzza,

Gaspare Spatuzza

Stiff sentences were given to  four mobsters  in the Cosa Nostra, convicted for their murderous roles  in  the “Capaci massacre”, in which anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone was killed  with  his wife, and three police escorts in May 1992 while driving on a highway near Palermo,reports Ansa news

The sentences came almost 25 years after Mafiosi packed a highway culvert with a half-tonne of explosives to kill Falcone and terrorize Italy, due to the revelations of one of the four Mafiosi who provided prosecutors with evidence to convict his associates.

Giuseppe Barranca and Cristofaro Cannella were sentenced to life in prison while Cosimo D’Amato was sentenced to 30 years in jail.

Mafia snitch  Gaspare Spatuzza, who gave evidence to prosecutors that shed light on how the explosives were obtained for the deadly blast, was handed a 12-year sentence.

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