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Seems like Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Angelino Alfano is crooning the same old claptrap on how close authorities are to catching slippery Sicilian mafia superboss, Matteo Messina Denaro, Italy’s most wanted fugitive
On Monday Alfano declared he has a new  found  hope  after seeing the progress police have made cirling in on the clever cosa Nostra  fugitive but  didn’t disclose any new deatails
A series of succesful police strategies aimed at  Messina Denaro’s’  support systems and a wave of arrests over recent years have succeeded in closing the circle around the alleged mob boss— but has  failed to  snag the Sicilian       fugitive
Denaro’s  family and  friends  as well as his criminal cohorts  have been the focus of  police  for allegedly  fronting his Mafia-linked businesses
In September, police seized more than 700 million euros’ worth of assets from Sicilian businessman Giuseppe Grigoli, , 64, who is accused of being a crony and dummy proprietor for Denaro.
In August, anti Mafia authorities  also seized 3.5 million euros in assets including bank accounts in Sicily and Lombardy belonging to a Sicilian wind-farm mogul, Vito Nicastri, tied to Denaro
 The undisputed  “boss of all bosses “of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, Matteo Messina Denaro, remains on the run since becoming a fugitive  back  in 1993   
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