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From right, John Gotti Jr., Lindsay Lohan and Marc Fiore whose Fiore Films is producing biopic ‘Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father.’ Perhaps Gotti’s purported stabbing on Long Island will make it into the flick.

No video. No cooperation. No police investigation.

Nassau County cops said Tuesday they’re no longer probing the alleged stabbing of John Gotti Jr.

And behind the scenes, law enforcement sources have expressed doubt about the mob icon’s story that he was stabbed in the gut Sunday while breaking up a fight between strangers in the parking lot of a CVS in Syosett, L.I.

There are no cameras in the parking lot. An employee of Bagel Masters in the same shopping center as the CVS told the Daily News that no one from law enforcement had asked to review the surveillance videotape of the area immediately in front of his store.

Read rest by Bance Dillon and John Marzuli,NY Daily News