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Palmi –   State Police in Palmi arrested 18 people  considered connected to a mafia driven drug organization dealing in cocaine, cannabis, heroin  and hashish

Acting on orders from the  prosecutor of Palmi, a squad of  State police  agents arrested 18 people  accused of drug trafficking and illegally possessing weapons, reported Ansa news       

A probe by special  prosecutors started in 2010 showed that some of those arrested are closely connected to the powerful Pesce and  Mazzaferro clan’s of the ‘Ndrangheta, notorious  Tyrrhenian coast  traffickers of drugs

During  the probe police  seized drugs, and  confirmed customers came from all over the province of Reggio Calabria to purchase  cocaine, heroin, hashish and marijuana from the alleged drug peddlers

The suspects started out as low-level drug dealers and ended up as top distributors for  the drug  rackets  in the region of Calabria, said  police