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James "Whitey" Bulger, reputed Boston crime boss

James “Whitey” Bulger, reputed Boston crime boss

By Matt Connolly,  A Former Prosecutor’s Inside View of The World of Whitey

Yesterday I ended byasking: If Whitey was not a rat, then where does that leave Murderman and Brutalman?

Murderman Martorano testified against FBI agent John Connolly in 2002 believing Whitey would never be captured. At trial he came up with a cock and bull story that Whitey was not really an informant for the FBI.

His story at that time was that Whitey had been approached by Connolly. Connolly told him that he was going to give Whitey information from time to time from the FBI so that Whitey would be protected. Murderman said Whitey said Connolly said he was doing this as favor to Whitey’s brother Billy who said keep Whitey out of trouble. (You see the evidence in the federal court in these trials lets in quadruple hearsay – A said B said C said D said – it’s totally unreliable and impossible to cross-examine but good for the prosecutors.  

It also brought joy to the media bringing Billy’s name into the trial producing a flourish of headlines.)  Read REST   Here on the trial of whitey Bulger