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Tag Archives: Hollywood Goodfella: Mob meets TV star Vince Edward’s

vince edwards
Dr Ben Casey star,Vince Edward’s, could have used a real doctor after Mafia Mobster, Anthony “The Animal” Fiato busted him up.
 The handsome Hollywood actor made millions from his hit TV series Ben Casey,  but he
  blew every dime of it betting on the ponies.
 Vince was a regular at Hollywood Park race track. He was always at the hundred dollar window. When he went bust he would  bet “on-the-cuff” with a bevy of off-track bookies.
 Edward’s made the mistake of borrowing bucks from a mobbed-up shylock named Marty Allen who asked the mafia to make Vince pay off his debts, but the deadbeat, snake-bit loser couldn’t pay it back .
The  Los Angeles Mafia’s enforcer Anthony fiato  beat the bejesus out of the broke star and he caughed up the cash.  Vince Edwards died broke ,with a belly full of pancreatic cancer.
Another True Hollywood Story 
 Anthony Fiato