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Peter Lorre as a serial killer in M (1931-NR)

Peter Lorre as a serial killer in M (1931-NR)

by George Anastasia, Glen Macnow

A child murderer is terrorizing the city. The police hunt is intense, but fruitless. So the cops redouble their efforts—rousting bars, hassling citizens walking the night streets, turning a bright spotlight on the creatures of the back alleys.

The killer still remains at large, but there’s an unexpected side effect: with every flophouse and crime den being raided on a nightly basis, the underworld pimps, thieves and pushers cannot operate. “There are more police on the street tonight than whores,” complains a pickpocket, who can’t find a john’s pocket to pick.

What are the criminals to do? A meeting is called of the city’s underworld leaders. Until the monster is captured, they agree, their business will suffer. Therefore, they decide, the job must be theirs. The gangsters must find the killer, if only so that things can return to normal.

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