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Hollywood goodfellas  actor Paul Sorvino shot his movie ”The Trouble With Cali” in Pennsylvania after getting  a $500,000 taxpayer ‘investment’, but the locals are miffed that they still haven’t seen it.


Lackawanna County, Pa., officials sayGoodfella  Hollywood mob movie actor Paul Sorvino better not “fuhgeddaboud” them.

A source familiar with the situation tells us the “GoodFellas” actor hasn’t exactly endeared himself to locals there after he took a $500,000 taxpayer “investment” in 2006 to make the independent film “The Trouble With Cali.

Almost six years later, officials are wondering whether they’re going to see any of that investment back and also why, after shooting much of the film in the county seat of Scranton, Sorvino chose to premiere the picture in Sedona, Ariz.

Adding to the controversy: Former Lackawanna County commissioner Robert Cordaro, who championed the investment — and is credited as an executive producer on the movie — was just sentenced 11 years to prison for extortion and racketeering. read more Here